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Meet The Staff

Joint Headteachers

Mr P Palmer

Mr J Pentreath


Teaching Staff


Mrs Joyce (morning Nursery)

Mr Scott (afternoon Nursery ) - Science


Year R

Miss Shelton (Early Years Phase Leader)

Mrs Lang - Forest Schools/Outdoor learning


Year 1

Mrs Noble- PSHE, Philosophy, RE, British Values
Mrs Lees - Geography

Miss Taylor - Newly Qualified Teacher


Year 2

Mrs Abery-Bone - Volunteers and SENCO support

Mrs Eaton - Fundraising, Circle Groups

Miss Garrod (SENCO, Phase Leader for Year 1&2) 

Mrs Morgan - PSHE, Philosophy, RE, British Values


Year 3

Mr Morley - Newly Qualified Teacher

Miss Clarke - Displays/Immersive environments


Year 4

Mrs Ferrell - History

Mrs Philips - Art & DT
Mrs Carey (Phase Leader for Years 3&4 and Reading Subject Leader)

Year 5

Mrs Goudy - Computing/Educational visits
Mrs Anstee-Parry - Art & DT

Year 6

Mrs Ellis - Pupil Premium Co-ordinator
Miss Adams (Phase Leader for Years 5&6 and Maths Subject Leader)

Miss Kimble (Writing Subject Leader)


Unattached to a class:


Mrs Hockley (Interventions) - Oracy/Gifted & Talented


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Andrews
Mrs Ashton
Mrs Brown
Mr Cavill
Miss Coote
Mrs G Davies
Miss Flude
Mrs Grimwood
Mr Gunnell
Miss Hartman
Mrs Haylock
Mrs Hurton
Mrs Keinzley

Miss Manners
Mr Marsh
Mrs Parish
Mrs Ransome
Miss Rose

Miss Smith
Mrs Suckling
Mrs Walker
Mrs Warner


Speech & Language LSA

Mrs van Heuveln



Mrs Palmer


Director of Performing Arts

Mrs Gilmour


Director of PE and School Sport

Mr Marshall


Teacher of Spanish

Mr Torres


Numbers Count teacher

Mrs Thornton


IT Technician

Mr Penn

Nursery Nurses

Mrs Howden
Miss Cox


Family Liaison Practitioner

Mrs Lucas

Mrs Corbould


Teaching students

Mr Forth

Miss Payne



Mrs Goodrich


Office Staff

Mrs Gentry (Secretary)
Mrs Parker (Headteachers’ PA)

Mrs Warrie (Business Manager)


Cleaning Staff

Mr Gunnell

Mrs Gunnell

Mrs Hunt


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Watson
Mrs Kidd-Stanton
Mrs Rolfe
Miss Polley


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Bell

Mrs Deghi

Mrs Hunt

Miss Thomas

Mrs Tooke


Relief Midday Supervisor

Mrs Pentreath

ASSET Education