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This term nursery are learning all about animals and answering the question, what is your favourite animal and why? Our fantastic start will be going on a bear hunt in the school forest. We will be reading some amazing books including Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?, We’re going on a bear hunt and Goldilocks and the 3 bears, Owl babies, Old Macdonald had a farm and The Gruffalo. We will also learn some songs including 10 in the bed, When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears and Old Macdonald had a farm. On Wednesday 28th February we will also be visiting a farm. Parents will be expected to accompany their child on this visit and more information about this trip will follow soon. At the end of term we will be celebrating our fabulous learning with a Gruffalo day in the forest which parents will be invited to in the week beginning the 19th March 2017.


In maths this term we will be focusing on numbers up to 10. This will include counting, recognising the numerals, counting out the right amounts for each number and ordering the numbers. We will also be singing numbers songs such as 10 in the bed and will be learning one less than each number. Please help your child practise these skills regularly in everyday situations such as counting cars on the way home, recognising numbers on signs and in stories and singing songs.


In English we will be learning to talk in sentences, listen to others, answer questions and talk about animals and their features. In writing we are learning to make different marks such as zig zags, circles and crosses. We will also write letters in our name using cursive writing. Reading continues to play an important role in our learning and we will read a wide variety of books to stimulate children's play and conversations. We will be learning to join in with telling stories using key phrases and actions and talk about our favourite parts of a story. Parents will continue to visit the library on a Thursday and take books out of the home reading books on a regular basis to read together. When your child is ready we will also give you a reading book that your child can read to you.


Miss Shelton, Mrs Howden, Miss Cox, Mrs Walker, Mrs Hurton, Mrs Gilmour, Mrs Grimwood 

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