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Welcome! We look forward to welcoming the children, old and new, into nursery this term. 


Our Nursery teacher is Miss Shelton.


We will be learning about nursery rhymes and songs.  Each week we will learn a new rhyme or song and all our learning will be based on and around these. Please come in and find out our song of the week! 
We will bring some home to practice and you will be invited in at the end to watch our singing performance. 
Please remember to make an 'all about me' poster with your child to bring into nursery in the next few weeks to show what your child enjoys. This could contain photos, magazine pictures, drawings, stickers or more. We look forward to seeing them soon. 
We look forward to seeing you soon, 
Miss Shelton, Mrs Howden, Miss Cox, Mrs Walker, Mrs Hurton, Mrs Gilmore, Mrs Grimwood and    Mr Penn. 

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