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Year Three

Welcome to Year 3 - our class teachers are Miss Stark and Mrs Goudy


In year 3 we will be starting off the term with an exciting visit from a local petting zoo. We will find out about the natural habitats of the creatures we meet and will learn what these animals need to survive. Later on in the term, we will have an educational visit to Thetford Forest. We will carry out fieldwork skills to investigate a forest in the United Kingdom. As we continue our topic, we will compare our findings with our Amazon Rainforest study.


In maths this term, we will cover a variety of skills focus including: to secure our 2, 5 and 3 times tables, recognise odd and even numbers to 100, 10 more and less and doubling and halving numbers up to 100. This will form the basis of maths homework. We will continue to consolidate our understanding of the four operations of number within maths lessons.


In English we will be covering various text types and developing our skills as writers. Our focus will be on information texts and creative pieces of writing. Our no excuses will be a big part of learning this year. Ensuring that they continue to use the skills learnt in Year 2.


Reading continues to play an important role in our learning and we hope to broaden the children's experience of authors and genres.


Our science this term will focus on how plants grow and changes the plant world has had to make. Along with the Human body and what it needs to work.

*Year 3 will have PE every Tuesday and Thursday (please make sure kit is named).
*Year 3 will bring homework home on a Wednesday that will be due back by Friday.

*Spelling tests will take place on Wednesdays.
*In Year 3 children are expected to read every day. Children will move round the reading reward chart.

*Year 3 children will be able to change their library books on a Wednesday. They will change their reading books as they finish them and complete an AR quiz.


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