At ‘The Oaks’ we intend that children should master art and design to such an extent that they can go on to have careers within art and design and make use of art effectively in their everyday lives. Our children will be taught art and design in a way that ensures progression of skills, and follows a sequence to build on previous learning. Our children will gain experience and skills of a wide range of formal elements of art in a way that will enhance their learning opportunities, enabling them to use art and design across a range of subjects to be creative and solve problems, ensuring they make progress. The art progression of skills are:

making skills, generating ideas, formal elements, knowledge of artists and evaluating.

There are three key threads of learning which are taught and built upon in a progressive way across the curriculum as well as some stand alone units.

These three key threads are: formal elements of art, art and design skills and sculpture.

At the Oaks we use the Kapow’s art scheme of work but adapt and personalise where needed to provide a broad and balanced art and design curriculum

For further information, please contact FAO Mrs Phillips