At The Oaks we start to teach Music through singing and playing musical games. By singing simple songs, children gradually learn the elements of music, including pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo. We introduce them to the concept of making music by learning body percussion, moving on to untuned percussion and tuned percussion. Other instruments include ukulele, guitar and keyboard. Using platforms such as Kapow and Charanga we reinforce learning and make lessons fun, building children’s motivation, enthusiasm and confidence and most importantly, laying the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment. By learning through developmentally appropriate songs of all musical genres, pupils develop a sense of pitch and rhythm. This is the key to musical literacy, exploration, improvisation, composition, listening, appraising and performance, which are present in all music lessons. Our philosophy develops aural, kinaesthetic and visual learning in all pupils, of all abilities.

We promote listening skills as the key element to progress. Pupils should be able to hear what they are playing, therefore this approach develops secure listening skills and excellent music reading skills. Musicianship training begins in the early years, before the children have the fine motor skills needed to master an instrument and in Year 2 they will start to learn to play the glockenspiel.

In KS2 the children widen their listening repertoire through music of different genres and will have time to compose their own music, allowing them to gain a deepening understanding of ‘how music works’, whilst providing opportunities for choice and creativity. Through instrumental work (Pupils in Y5 have the wider opportunity of focusing on one instrument for the whole session)continuing with Keyboard, Ukulele, Tuned Percussion, Recorder and Guitar lessons), the children will develop skills that they will need to perform their own compositions and improvisations. They will also have the opportunity to have instrumental lessons, join performing arts groups and to participate in Year Group Choirs building their skills and confidence. Each year group will perform as an instrumental ensemble during the year eg. YR -Trash Band, Y2 -Percussion Group, Y6 -Guitar Ensemble etc.

For further information, please email - FAO Mrs Gilmour