Personal, Social, Health and Economic

At The Oaks, we aspire for our pupils to become good citizens who are able to make the right choices in life. We want children to understand what healthy and respectful relationships are. This means they are able to develop and maintain positive relationships with friends, family and also online. This includes how to resolve conflict and where to go for help and support. This will sit alongside the essential understanding of how to be healthy, including the benefits of physical activity, healthy eating, rest and good personal hygiene.

There are different objectives for each year group which are split into three main areas:

*Health and wellbeing


*Living in the wider world.

There are seven key threads of learning which are taught and built upon in a progressive way across the curriculum:

*Relationships and sex education


*Health and wellbeing

*Community and people who help us

*Hazards and risk


*Things that influence us

At the Oaks we have used the PSHE Association to structure our year group objectives. Teachers use resources from Kapow and a variety of other resources from other providers such as: The NSPCC and Natwest money sense. All of our resources are adapted and personalised where needed.

For further information FAO Miss Taylor.