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The Animal Man


As our topic in science is Life Cycles, Mr Purnell arranged a visit from Pete, the animal man. He brought in lots of different animals and told us all about their life cycles.


Did you know that cockroaches lay eggs, then suck them back up into their bodies? There they grow and hatch so the female cockroach gives birth to live young!


Did you know that snails are hermaphrodites? This means that they have both male and female organs. In addition to this, they lay their eggs through a hole in their neck!


Did you know female arachnids (spiders) are much bigger and stronger than the males? They can live for 20 years in the wild, 40 in captivity, whereas the males only live for 3 years. Once the spiders have mated, the female eats the male, partly to give her protein for laying her eggs and partly to keep the bloodlines clean (so that spiders don’t mate with other members from their own family!)


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