We are very excited for lots more wonderful learning in the Summer term within nursery. During the Summer first half term we will be learning about animals and plants and our key question will be ‘How do things grow and change?’ Then during the Summer second half term, the children will be learning about seasides and our key question will be ‘What makes the seaside special?’ A trip to Felixstowe will be planned for the nursery children so make sure that you keep a look out for information about this!

Some of the texts that we will be reading together and our activities will be linked to are: Old Macdonald had a farm, The three little pigs, The very hungry caterpillar, Handa’s surprise, Hooray for fish, Shark in the park, Pirate Pete and many more wonderful texts.

We will also be learning about and taking part in lots of celebrations this term including: Ramadan, VE day, D- Day, Healthy eating week and Father’s day. Our learning will continue to develop through various and exciting activities within continuous provision both indoors and outdoors across the Summer term.

We will develop our personal, social and emotional skills by continuing to play with our friends with a particular focus on talking to each other when there is a problem, using a timer to share resources, being kind to our friends and being aware of others feelings. We will also learn how and when to say sorry.

Practice this at home by:

  • Play turn-taking games and waiting their turn for different things that they would like eg. using a sand timer, watch a timer

  • Encourage your child to think about how others in their family feel when something happens e.g. their sister/ brother has fallen over ‘They are feeling sad because they have hurt their knee.’

  • Saying sorry if they do something wrong and talking about why we say sorry.

We will develop our literacy, language and communication skills by listening and talking about stories; joining in with actions and phrases; talking about what is happening in the pictures, taking part in role play activities by being a character; listening and identifying rhyming words and know that we read English text from left to right and from top to bottom . We will continue to learn to write some or all of the letters in our name by copying or writing it independently.

Practice this at home by:

  • Sharing stories together, talking about them and discussing what is happening in the pictures.

  • Introduce and explain new words when we are reading books, playing, eating or when we are out and about

  • Have conversations with me about things that I’m interested in

  • Write individual letters from their name and then the whole name. Remember to start your child’s name with a capital letter but the rest should be lowercase eg. Bob not BOB. Start with the first letters first and work your way through their name. Can they copy write it to start with then build up independence.

We will develop our phonics skills by beginning to orally blend to read simple words; hearing initial sounds in words, identifying rhyming words, learning the jolly phonics songs and playing sound sorting games.

Practice this at home by:

  • Counting or clapping syllables in a word with me

  • Recognise words with the same initial sound, such as money, mum, monkey

  • Play around with words by making up fun rhyming sentences e.g. The cat sat on the mat.

  • Some children maybe able to start reading some cvc words e.g. cat, dog, mat, sun and say some sounds within words.

  • Sing the jolly phonics songs and know the actions. Make sure you know the sound (and not the letter)

  • Know what sound your name begins with

We will develop our mastery maths skills by continuing our learning with numbers to 5 in depth such; counting amounts correctly, showing amounts on our fingers, solving real life problems to 5, compare quantities to 5- more than, fewer than, the same, knowing that numbers are composed of smaller numbers. Also we will be exploring 2d and 3d shapes and talking about what we notice.

Practice this at home by:

  • Give me lots of opportunities to count for a real reason and always emphasise the last number – “There are 3 cookies.”

  • “We have two apples and there is one more. How many altogether?”

  • Cut out a large shape from a cereal box (circle, triangle), then cut that shape into 2-4 smaller pieces to make a simple puzzle.

  • When out and about such as house numbers, bus numbers, etc. If the number is under 10 can you show me that on your fingers?

  • Sing lots of numbers songs e.g 10 green bottles sitting on a wall

We will develop our physical skills by developing our independence and confidence using the toilet; using scissors safely and with control; improving our balance, control and coordination on the obstacle course and bikes; developing more control and accuracy with small movement such as tweezers, threading and mark making tools.

Practice this at home by:

  • Letting me have lots of opportunities to be active and practise running, jumping, balancing, climbing and swinging

  • Cutting different things out e.g. pictures that I have drawn, magazines

  • Encourage me to walk, scoot or bike to nursery and other places that we go

  • Let me try and dress myself and do my own zip up or buttons

We will develop our understanding of the world skills by exploring the world around us; talking about what we find; talking about celebrations and events we know about. We will plant seeds, talk about what they need to be able to grow, observe and learn about life cycles of plants and animals, observe, notice and talk about changes of different things. In addition to this, we will talk about natural and man-made objects and we will think about the season Summer and what it is like.

Practice this at home by:

  • Help me make collections of natural materials e.g. pebbles, shells and man-made objects.

  • Let me explore ice, once it has melted a bit

  • Plant seeds and bulbs with me.

  • Take me to different places

  • Talk to me about different things in the environment around me

We will develop our expressive arts and design skills by exploring different medias, creating pictures, model making, talking about creations, talking part in role play and storytelling activities.

Practice this at home by:

Creating models using different construction sets such as lego, duplo, Knex, etc and talking about them.

  • Creating different art and craft activities such as drawing, painting, cutting, sticking and play dough.

  • Pretend play

  • Singing known songs, making own songs up and playing instruments

Other important information

  • It is expected that your child will be read to or will read at least 5x a week. Please record this in their reading diary daily. The reading diary should be sent in your child’s book bag everyday.

  • Your child will need their raincoat, wellies and a change of clothes on their peg as we will play outside whatever the weather.

  • As the weather gets warmer, please can your child come to nursery with a named sun hat and apply suncream before they come to nursery. If they are in for a whole day, please use the suncream that lasts all day- 8 hour or 12 hour protection. Also, can children not wear strappy dresses or tops. T-shirts and shorts and summer dresses are fine to wear.

  • Please regularly check tapestry as we are always adding new posts about what your child has been busy learning and playing with and also important messages are posted on there too. We love to see comments and likes from you all :)

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