Year 1

Mrs Abery-Bone

Miss Allum

Miss Trivett

This term we will be learning about the seaside. Our key question is ‘Where is best: Chantry or Felixstowe beach?’ as we will be looking closely at human and physical features of Felixstowe as part of our topic.

We will begin by naming and locating the five oceans before looking in-depth at Felixstowe as our closest seaside town. Building on their learning from the autumn term about human and physical features in Suffolk, we will look at the human and physical features of Felixstowe including the beach, sea and port. To end the topic, we will hopefully be able to have an assembly to show off our learning to the parents.

In phonics, we will spend time recapping our Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds to ensure the children are confident and fluent readers! We will also be looking at best-bet spelling and reading strategies to support the children in reading a range of texts. As part of reading, we will be looking at a range of fiction, nonfiction and poetry and working closely on developing the children’s fluency. In English, we will be reading the Storm Whale as well as working on skills such as using suffixes and writing sentences. In maths we will be continuing our learning on Place Value to 100, as well as learning about time, money and fractions.

To support your child’s learning further, please regularly check in on Tapestry!

Below you will see a link to our castle knowledge organiser, have a look at what we will be learning about. Below are also links to additional websites that you can use with your child to support their learning.

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