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Dinosaur Exhibition

Year 3’s Dinosaur Exhibition!


This term has been an exciting one for year 3 as they have been learning all about dinosaurs! What made it more exciting was they got to plan it themselves. At the beginning of the term the children were asked what they would like to learn about and how they would like to learn it. Both classes came up with some fantastic ideas from making models from salt dough, creating a timeline, researching on net books, creating archaeological TV shows and much more.


Year 3 also decided that at the end of their topic they would like to hold an exhibition to show the rest of the school and parents what they had been learning about. The children continued to come up with superb ideas and wanted to make their exhibition interactive and exciting.


On Thursday 15th December both year 3 classes put together an extremely successful exhibition, which included lots of fun activities for all such as pin the arms on the T-Rex, pin the plates on the Stegosaurus, guess the amount of dinosaur eggs in a jar, interviewing a dinosaur as well as showing of their fabulous dinosaur dens!


Year 3 would like to thank everyone that came to their dinosaur exhibition and look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

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