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Girls' Football 'Goals' Tournament Report (24.02.16)

On Wednesday 24th February, The Oaks Girls' Football Team went to a tournament at Goals. Even though we had never played together before, we did very well. Once we got there all the teams were put into groups. We were in Group B. First we played against Whitton. We had possession of the ball for most of the time but Whitton had a very strong defence so our chances of scoring were very low. Whitton had quite a few attempts on target, but thanks to Persia's great goal keeping skills they didn't score. It stayed like that for the whole match, meaning we drew 0-0.

The next match we played was against Cedarwood. Their defence wasn't as good as Whitton's but their attack was stong and they kept possession of the ball for most of the time. Unfortunately, they managed to tap the ball into the goal and the game finished 0-1. Our team started to lose confidence but I just became more determined!

For our next match, we changed pitch and had to play against Britannia. I knew that Britannia were a good team so we really needed to work as a team if we wanted to win. As I thought, Britannia had possession of the ball for most of the match and soon into the game they scored. We didn't give up though! It was a corner and Beatrice was taking it. Luckily, it came right towards me and I shot. I SCORED!!! I was huggeed by everyone and we all got our confidence back! Sadly after that Britannia scored again to make the score 2-1 to them. Lottie came on and as soon as she got on the pitch she scored making it 2-2. At the full time whistle we had drew 2-2.

We had finished third in our group so we were in the quarter finals against St. Helens. It was not luck that came on our side because we played absolutely amazing and won the game 2-0 with a goal from Beatrice and another by me.

In the semi final we were drawn against Whitton. Sadly we lost 1-0 despite playing really well.

Despite losing to Cedarwood in our second game we beat them 1-0 in the third place playoff. Beatice scored a freekick in the last minute. We had finished in thrid place!

We really enjoyed the tournament and definately improved. I can't wait until the next tournament!

Well done to Persia, Laila R, Kayla, Kirsty, Beatrice, Sharna, Alexa and Lottie.


Report written by Sharna McSheen (5AP)

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