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Invaders - Autumn term


Invaders - Autumn term




Hopefully, I speak for all the children in Year 3 when I say we have enjoyed every single minute of our topic this term! 3M have learnt all about the ancient Romans whilst 3C learnt about the Anglo-Saxons. Our term started off with fantastic trips to Colchester Castle and Sutton Hoo which got the children excited about our topic.


Here are a few highlights of our topic this term...




In both classes we learnt about the weapons and armour they would have had and the battle strategies they would have used. The Romans used the Tortoise and the Wedge formation to protect themselves from their enemies whilst the Anglo-Saxons used the shield wall. Take a look at some photographs of us performing them! We also had a battle in the playground pretending the Romans were fighting the Celts!




We made traditional food that Romans and Saxons would have eaten which was met with mixed reviews!! The Romans made Tiger Nut Sweets from dates, ground almonds, walnuts and honey whilst the Saxons made baked apples with sultanas and honey. Have a look at the photographs showing what the finished result looked like.




As part of our Invaders topic each class took on the role of teachers and taught the other class about their topic whether it was Romans or Saxons. They did such a fantastic job so we decided to use their presentations for our exhibition. The two classes worked together to put on an informative and exciting exhibition.


Well done to all the children in Year 3!



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