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IPSSA Medium School Boys' Football League Match Report: The Oaks A 1-0 Clifford Road (29.02.16)

On Monday 29th February we had a footbal match against Clifford Road.

When the whistle blew to start Tom passed to Ruben, but Ruben didn't take a touch so he passed it to Clifford Road. Ruben won the ball back and passed it to Lee. Lee crossed the ball so The Oaks could score a goal but nobody was there so Clifford Road had a goal kick.


At half time Mr Marshall said we were playing well but had to try and score the chances we made. We put our hands together and shouted, "Let's go lads!" We got into our positions; Ashley in goal, Ruben and Jenson in defence, Jack R at centre midfield, Lee at left wing, Ryan at right wing and Jack B at the front.


It was Clifford Road's kick off and the whistle went to start the second half. Seven minutes later Ryan Brett scored and everyone was happy. It was 1-0 to The Oaks. Clifford Road had a lot of the ball but The Oaks defence kept clearing it away. The whistle went and The Oaks had won 1-0.

Well played Ashley, Ruben, Jenson, Lee, Jack R, Tom, Ryan B and Jack B.


Player of the match: Ruben Venda


Report written by Ruben Venda (6MA)

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