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IPSSA Medium SchoolBoys' Football League Match Report: Halifax 0-3 The Oaks A (16.03.16)

The Oaks believed they were supposed to be playing at home however, Halifax believed they were at home. In the end The Oaks rushed to Halifax in their minibus. After this confussion, the game was on!


The Oaks started the game well threatening the Halifax defence with our attacking play. Jack B, Ryan and Lee all ran and passed well. However, Halifax did have a chance when their right winger crossed the ball and their striker had a free shot on goal. Luckily they missed their chance! The first half was very even.


Now on to the second half. 5 minutes in The Oaks eventually took the lead with a screamer from Lee. Lee put the ball onto his left foot and shot from so far out, the ball flew past the goalkeeper! Halifax brought on a fresh striker which caused havoc for our defence of Jenson, Ruben and Ashley. Not long after Tom ran through the Halifax defence and slotted the ball past the goalkeeper and into the bottom corner. 2-0 to The Oaks! Jack B went one on one with the goalkeeper and passed the ball down the middle to make it 3-0 soon afterwards.


After the match Tom went to hospital and found out he had broken his arm the day before. He played the match and scored with a broken arm. Amazing!


Overall the whole team played excellently. The goals were class. Well done to Ashley, Ruben, Jenson, Lee, Ryan, Jack R, Tom and Jack B.


Player of the Match: Jenson King


Report Written by Jenson King

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