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IPSSA Mixed Netball Cup 2nd Round Match Report: St. Helens 5-3 The Oaks (1.02.16)

For our third match we played against St. Helens and played really well! The Oaks were represented by; Laila R, Freya, Sharna, Patricija, Lacey and Canyon. Sharna was our captain as Sennah could not play. A Year 4 called Lacey played her first ever game and played amazingly well!

In the first quarter St. Helens scored two points. In the second quarter Freya scored for The Oaks but St. Helens also scored. Sharna scored in the third quarter. In the fourth and final quarter Canyon scored but St. Helens scored two more.

St. Helens won the game 5-3 but we still had fun. Hopefully we will win the next match!


Player of the Match: Sharna McSheen


Report writen by Laila Ransome (6EA)

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