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IPSSA Small School Girls' Netball League Match Report: Bramford 3-2 The Oaks (28.01.16)

This game was a difficult against against a very good Bramford team. The Oaks were represented by; Leila A, Laila R, Sennah (captain), Freya, Sharna, Patricija and Beatrice. We had our first Year 4 player in this match, Patricija. She was our star player and showed real potential!

In the game we nobody scored in the first quarter. After the second quarter the score was 1-0 to Bramford. After the third quarter it was 2-0 to Bramford. In the fourth quarter Beatrice and Sennah grew in confidence and Sennah scored twice. Unfortunately Bramford also scored which meant they won the game 3-2. Hopefully our next match will be much better!


Player of the Match: Patricija Grinite


Report written by Sennah Kay (6EA)


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