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IPSSA Small School Girls' Netball Match Report: The Oaks 0-4 Rosehill (10.03.16)

On Thursday 10th March The Oaks had a netball match against Rosehill. Sadly we lost 4-0, but both teams played very well.

In the first quarter we had equal possession of the ball but Rosehill had more shots than us and managed to score, making the score 1-0. Miss Clarke said that we played really well but we needed to play as a team.

In the second quarter it became a very tight match but our defence wasn't quick enough and they took a shot quite close to the net. Soon enough, the score was 2-0. That goal just made us more determined. Unfortunately once again Rosehill ended up in the D and they took a long shot. The ball circled around the rim and dropped in, making the score 3-0.

In the third quarter our defence started to get better. Our passing choices were not always the best, so that's why we didn't keep the ball as well as we could. This quarter we had quite a few chances to shoot but we were unsuccessful. They took their chances to shoot and scored another to make the score 4-0.

In the fourth and final quarter we became a very strong team and Rosehill did not score any. We had a few more chances to score which were all close but none of them went in.

The final score was 4-0 to Rosehill.

Well played: Leila R, Leila A, Patricija, Lacey, Freya, Sennah, Sharna and Beatrice.


Player of the match: Patricijia


Report written by Sharna McSheen (5AP)

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