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IPSSA Small Schools Football League match report - St. John's 10-0 The Oaks B - 06.02.17

On Monday 6th February, The Oaks B-team played a league match against St. John's. Unfortunately, we lost 10-0.

When the match started, we played well and then out of nowhere, someone from the other team scored from a corner. Next, after 5 more minutes they scored another goal. They kept scoring goals until half time. By then, they had already scored 8 goals and wee were losing.

When the 2nd half started, we had kick off, Rihards got the ball and played a long pass to Antonel but we didn't succeed in scoring a goal. After this, they went past our defenders and succeeded in scoring a lucky goal. Next, Josh got the ball and kicked it down the pitch to Gaby and he passed it to Jervel. We didn't score but their goalkeeper pulled off a great save. 

At the end, they scored another goal and that finished the game. The game ended 10-0 to St. John's.

The Oaks team was Joshua, Ben, Rihards, Antonel, Gaby, Ashi and Jervel.


Player of the match: Benjamin Bradshaw (6AE)

Report written by Rihards (5AP)

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