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This term nursery are learning all about transport and journeys and answering the question, where are we going and how will we get there? Our fantastic start will be going to visit the play equipment and the school forest. We will be reading some amazing books including The Jigaree, Mr Gumpy’s Outing, Down by the Station, The 3 billy goats gruff and 10 Little Pirates. We will also learn some songs including the wheels on the train, 5 little men in a flying saucer, row row row your boat and here we go round the mulberry bush . On Tuesday 1st of May we will be going on a journey to the library which parents will be invited on. We also plan to take the children in the minibus to see the Orwell bridge during the week beginning 21st May. At the end of term we will be celebrating during the week beginning 28th May by going on a journey to the park. Parents will need to accompany their child on this visit and more information about this trip will follow soon.


There will be several journeys that we go on to visit different parts of the school including reception. These visits will continue until the summer holiday and form part of the transition process to enable the children to be more familiar with reception ready for September. More details about reception and the transition process will be given to you around May half term but if you have any concerns or questions please ask.


In maths this term we will continue focusing on numbers up to 10. This will include counting, recognising the numerals, counting out the right amounts for each number and one more and one less as well as showing amounts on their fingers and starting to add small numbers together. We will also be learning about shapes including naming shapes such as triangle, rectangle, cube and cone as well as describing them. Please help your child practise these skills regularly in everyday situations such as counting cars on the way home, recognising shapes on signs and in stories and singing number songs.


In English we will be learning to talk in sentences using because and explain our ideas and listen to others ideas. In writing we are learning to write all the letters in our names using cursive writing and hold our pencils correctly. Reading continues to play an important role in our learning and we will read a wide variety of books to stimulate children's play and conversations. We will be learning to retell stories using key phrases and actions and talk about the characters and settings. In phonics we are learning to blend sounds together to read words and to segment words into all the sounds. We will continue to learn to recognise letter sounds and hear the initial sounds in words. Parents will continue to visit the library on a Thursday and take books out of the home reading box on a regular basis to read together. When your child is ready we will also give you a reading book that your child can read to you and you can write this in their reading diary. Remember that once your child has read 10 times that can get a prize from the reading box.



Miss Shelton, Mrs Howden, Miss Cox, Mrs Walker, Mrs Hurton, Mrs Gilmour, Mrs Grimwood 

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