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Persuasive Writing - Chocolate





Our English topic in Year 6 is persuasive writing. I designed a task where the children have to write the words for a radio advert persuading customers to but a new brand of chocolate.


This is not as easy at is may seem! We had to think about features of persuasive writing:


Exaggeration – The creamiest chocolate you will ever taste!

Emotive language – You will find peace in your life at last.

Rhetorical questions – Are you fed up with the same old sweets?

Powerful description – Tantalising, tropical taste. Creamy, viscose caramel   



For some inspiration I did one of my regular early morning Tesco trips and bought a wide variety of chocolate for the children to smell and taste.


Our photographs show the children tasting the chocolate and sharing words and phrases to describe it. These ideas will be used to support them with writing the advert.


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