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Our Rainforest Topic


We were really lucky to receive a letter from Sir David Attenborough who asked us to help him find out about the Rainforests. We found out where Rainforests are in the world and learnt all about the equator and the tropics. Also we found it is very warm and wet in the world’s rainforests and learnt the word humid which describes what it feels like if you were in a Rainforest. We each learnt about a different layer of the rainforest and made collages and PowerPoint presentations to teach other people about our Rainforest layer.


We also enjoyed having a share afternoon with friends and family where we painted pictures of Rainforest animals, created a collage, tried tropical fruit and wrote instructions for a Rainforest fruit salad.


Everyone really enjoyed our Rainforest topic and we created some incredible homework projects. We want to say a massive thank you to all the family and friends who helped us create such wonderful projects.


We finished off our topic by holding a Rainforest exhibition where we showed the rest of the school, as well as friends and family, our wonderful work. Thank you to everyone that came.

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