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Roman Day

Year 3 Roman Day!

On Wednesday 8

Entering the classroom, the children showed off their wonderful Roman outfits ranging from Roman emperors and empresses, gods and goddesses, villagers, gladiators and even Queen Boudicca!

The Romans started the day by creating their own mosaic patters. Using small pieces of sponge the children used different shapes and colours to create their design.

Next, the Romans wrote in role as their character to produce a diary entry. They thought carefully about how their character would be feeling for example, a Roman soldier may be feeling confident about a battle that was due to happen the next day.

Following writing their diary entries, the Romans had a banquet where they tried food from three different courses; gustatio, primae mensae and secundae mensae. Lots of the Romans were very brave and tried different foods like olives and mixed beans and lentils.

After lunch the Romans put on a magnificent fashion show to their parents and walked confidently down the catwalk. Finally, they went back to their classroom and shared their fantastic presentations with their parents and peers.

Year 3’s Roman day was a marvellous success!

Thank you to all the parents of the children in Year 3 who supported their children to make such superb costumes and powerful presentations. See you at the next one!

th February the children in Year 3 transformed into ancient Romans

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