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We have been studying micro-organisms in science this half term.
We learnt how to plan and carry out a fair test. We decided to investigate what happens to different food when we left them for week.
These are the food we decided to use for our investigation:
Fruit pastilles,
After a week we looked closely at the food and took photos.
We described our results:

  • The cucumber has gone orange and watery
  • The cheese cut into smaller bits was more mouldy
  • The strawberries were all hairy
  • The fruit pastilles stayed the same because they have lots of sugar which preserves them
  • The cracker looks the same but might still have germs on it- it had some red bits
  • The bread has gone hard and has now got green spots on it which is mould

Have a look at the photos of the food after 1 week.


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