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Science and World Book Days



Science and World Book Days


World Book Day, World Maths Day and World Science Day!


We celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dressed as a word. Some of the words included ‘vacation’, ‘patriotic’, ‘energetic’ and ‘vibrant’. Year 6 came to read with us which was really fun because they read us some exciting stories. At the end of the day it was great to see everyone’s words in the whole school assembly where some of us walked down the catwalk!


For World Maths Day we all split into different classes around the school. We worked together with lots of different children to create a new cake for Victoria’s Bakery. We used lots of maths skills like handling money, collecting data and creating 3D packaging. We even got to try delicious treats to decide which ones we would use in our cakes.


On Science Day we were really lucky to have Professor Chaos and his Mad Scientists in school. We learnt all about electricity with them and saw each other’s hair stick up due to static shock! With Miss Channing and Miss Macey we made lots of cookies using different chocolate to test which chocolate is the best for cookies. We found out that bubbly chocolate melted and didn’t stay as chocolate chips.


These days were really memorable and we must say a big thank you to Mrs Hockley for organising World Book Day, Mr Collins for organising World Maths Day and Mr Purnell for organising World Science Day!

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