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The School Games Change 4 Life Bowling Festival Report - 27.01.17

On Friday 27th January 2017 some children from Sunshine group went to Martlesham for two games of bowling. When we got onto the school minibus I started to miss my class friends but luckily I was with my Sunshine group friends. When we got there we saw that they had changed the name of the building from Kingpin to Tenpin but it was still awesome. When we got into the building we had a chat with everybody from The Oaks then about ten minutes later we got our bowling balls ready for the two games of bowling. We were on lane 11 but we got moved to lane 19 because one of the staff said so. By then we had started to move all of the bowling balls we had collected to lane 19. At probably about 10:00 we started the first game and on my eighth turn I decided to try an eight sized bowling ball because I wanted to try and get a strike. I got a double strike! Then a little later on we started the second game and I kept on trying to get another strike but I kept on rolling it to the sides and I only got 70 points. At the end of the second game we had our lunch and then we set off back to school for the afternoon.


Report written by Harry Whitman (4F)

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