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We have been having fun in Year 3!



We have been having fun in Year 3!


Wii have been having fun in Year 3!

22nd November 2012


One of our literacy units this term was Non-Chronological Reports where the children learnt to report on a subject. We started with watching clips of newsround and discussing what we thought made a good reporter. The children said that you need to speak with expression, ask your audience rhetorical questions to make them think, make good eye contact and report using lots of facts. In addition to this the children learnt how to make effective notes using sub-headings and bullet points. They made notes from books and video clips then reported their findings in a newsround style report. We then wanted an exciting way in which the children could apply the skills they had learnt so we turned to the Nintendo Wii! The children played the game Wild Earth: African Safari and made excellent notes on animals found in the Seregenti inAfrica. Once they had spent the two lessons making detailed notes they then created wonderful reports on the Serengeti turning their notes into full sentences. Take a look at the photos to see some fantastic examples! They should all be very proud of their reports.


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