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Y1 Summer term

Topic: The seaside



We will be exploring a range of exciting seaside themed texts this half term, which will help us write our very own seaside stories! We will use non-fiction texts to find out about the seaside in the past and discover how their lives compared to our own. We will look in detail also at pollution and how this is affecting marine life.



In mathematics we will develop confidence with whole numbers, counting and place value (hundreds, tens and ones). This will involve working with numerals, words and the four operations (+, -, x and ÷). We will be using lots of practical resources like Numicon to help us understand key concepts.



We will be learning about everyday materials this half term.



We will look at seasides in the past.



There will be a big focus on maps, where we’ll be looking at initially at birds eye view leading to local area maps and then at maps of the UK.


Art and Design

In art and design we will develop a wide range of techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. This half term we will be painting our very own seascapes.


Design Technology

We will be designing seaside fair games.



In music we will be singing songs linked to our topic. We will also be using instruments to respond to stories that we have heard. We will experiment with instruments and learn about rhythm.


Physical Education

In PE we will be taking part in athletics and games. We will develop our movement skills and extend our agility and coordination. We will participate in both competitive and co-operative physical activities. We will master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching. We look forward to participating in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.



Throughout our PSHE and philosophy sessions, we will continue to develop our speaking and listening skills. We will explain our views on issues that affect us and society and work on ways to tackle new challenges positively by collecting information, looking for help, making responsible decisions and taking action.


Religious Education

In RE we will be learning about Judaism. We will look at Jewish artefacts and use these to help us find out more about this particular faith. We will learn about celebrations and special food that is eaten by the Jewish community.



We will be improving our coding skills by using Lightbot and Bee Bots.


Visits and visitors

The Sealife Centre and Great Yarmouth and Felixstowe for a beach clean.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

We will continue to learn how to support each other in making the right choices in our attitude to learning and behaviour.


ASSET Education