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Y2 Autumn term

Topic: Dinosaurs



In English we will be looking at different text types. We will be learning about using capital letters and full stops. We are going to become dinosaur authors and write our own dinosaur stories. Have you ever been on a dinosaur hunt? We will also become reporters, demonstrating all our new knowledge of dinosaurs.



We will be learning everything about numbers to 100 and their value. We will be developing our strategies for addition and subtraction. How exciting! We will be collecting and presenting data about our favourite dinosaurs too. Also, we will solve a range of mathematical problems involving shape relating to our real life experiences. I wonder how many 3D shapes you can find on a dinosaur?



In Science we are learning about habitats and how animals depend on each other to survive. Clarifying plants and animals will be important to this and we will need to use our keen noticing skills to do this! Did you know dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs?



We will be learning about the three periods in which the dinosaurs lived. We will be focusing on the chronology of the events leading to extinction! Dum, dum, dum! Researching will be a vital part of this and we will be using a range of sources to learn about the past.



We will learn about how the world looked when dinosaurs lived. We will speak about how the world changed and how dinosaurs evolved to live in land and sea.


Art and Design

In art and design we will be manipulating materials to create our own dinosaur fossils. We will be creating our own dinosaurs to build our own timelines. They all lived in different periods!


Design Technology

We will be choosing materials to sculpt our dinosaurs as well as cutting and shaping materials. We will reflect on our designs and improve our ideas.



We will be learning greetings and simple conversation. Gracias!



In music we will be exploring different tempos and rhythms. We will even be learning parts of our own dinosaur production! We can’t wait!


Physical Education

We will continue to develop our physical skills, through gymnastics and game skills. In gymnastics we will be focusing on balancing, travelling and jumping.



In PSHE/philosophy we will be exploring reality and friendship. We will look at our own reality and friendships as well as those in books we read and stories we know.


Religious Education

In RE we will be learning about signs and symbols and Christianity. In addition to this we will delve into the Christmas story and learn about the beliefs surrounding this.



We will become photographers! We are going to take photos, crop and edit photos of minibeasts we find at school.


Visits and visitors

Dinosaur Adventure park – We visited the park to kick start our amazing topic, we can’t wait to learn more about dinosaurs now.


Learning outside the classroom

We will be exploring outside, classifying and identifying leaves and minibeasts and creating habitats for our dinosaurs.


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

We will continue to learn how to support each other socially and in our learning. We will promote our learning powers and be the best we can be!

ASSET Education