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Y2 Spring term

Topic: London's Burning



In English we will be looking at different text types. We will be learning about diary entries, looking closely at how we can captivate readers and consider describing feelings. We will use them as a source to find out about the past too. We will be receiving a surprise gift to make the start of our English learning sparkle! In addition we will report about the Great Fire of London, considering our roles as journalists in the terrifying time.



We will continue to learn everything about numbers to 100 and their value. We will be developing our strategies for addition, subtraction and will be starting multiplication and division. How exciting! Also, we will solve a range of mathematical problems involving money and shape relating to our real life experiences.



In Science we will be grouping and changing materials. We will look closely at their properties and how flammable and waterproof they are and how they change.



Firstly we will be inquisitive and ask interesting questions about The Great Fire of London. We will be exploring lots of sources to find out about the past such as books, the internet, photographs, paintings and role play. As a result we will research the similarities and differences between ways of life in the past and now. Also, we look at important people and events for this period.



We will consider the locality of London as our capital city and how it has changed since the Great Fire of London. We will also consider the characteristics of it.


Art and Design

In art and design we will be exploring night fire scenes through collage. We will be developing ideas, by encouraging our creative skills to make fire artwork.


Design Technology

We will be building London! We will be asking for junk modelling materials nearer the time, so watch this space.



We will be continuing to learn days of the week, months of the year and food. Gracias!



In music we will be exploring different tempos and rhythms. We will be recording our own instrumental background music that we can play alongside our burning London!


Physical Education

We will continue to develop our physical skills. Watch this space!



In PSHE/philosophy we will be exploring how people felt during the Great Fire of London. We will consider our own experiences and how we feel at different times.


Religious Education

In RE we will be learning about Judaism, finding out about the celebrations enjoyed by Jewish people as well as places of worship and stories.



We will become researchers! We will trawl the internet to find interesting facts about the Great Fire of London. We will also recap on the importance of e-safety and being internet savvy.


Visits and visitors

History off the Page – How do we know about the Great Fire of London?

We will be visiting the local fire station to learn about how fire fighters save lives.


Learning outside the classroom

We will be setting fire to London (our model London!)


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

We will continue to learn how to support each other socially and in our learning. We will promote our learning powers and be the best we can be!

ASSET Education