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Y2 Summer term

Topic: Mexico



In English we will continue to explore different text types. We will be learning about structuring our texts using paragraphs and linking our learning through Mexican stories and information texts. In addition we will study amazing authors, 'magpieing' their ideas and vocabulary to captivate the readers of our own stories. We can’t wait to write stories for other pupils at The Oaks!



In maths we will continue develop our understanding of number. We will explore multiplication and division as well as addition and subtraction. We will focus on 3D shape and applying our knowledge to create our 3D Mexico map. When dressing our classrooms as restaurants we will use our knowledge of symmetrical patterns to create amazing tablecloths and place-mats. We will even explore the temperature of Mexico, enhancing our ability to read a scale accurately.



Within our Mexico topic we will continue to experiment and explore! We will be considering animal habitats in Mexico and how animals depend on each other. We will also describe habitats and how they are part of life cycles.



During our Mexico topic we will look at significant people from Mexico. We will focus particularly on artists and study their work.



We will use our map and geographical skills to explore the similarities and differences between England and Mexico. Specifically we will consider weather patterns and seasons, as well as exploring features of the Mexican landscape. We will even design our own map of Mexico using compass directions to point our friends in the right direction!


Art and Design

In art we will be exploring the work of a range of Mexican artists. We will consider the similarities and differences between their work. We will even be creating our own Mexican artwork using a range of materials.


Design Technology

In DT we will be designing and making our very own pinatas filled with delicious treats! We are looking forward to making the parents some delicious Mexican food too.



We will continue to expand our Spanish vocabulary, learning about musical instruments, shopping and work. We can’t wait!



In music we will be listening to Mexican musicians and exploring Mexican musical instruments and rhythms.


Physical Education

We will continue to develop our physical skills through dance and athletics.



During PSHE and philosophy we will explore what it is like to be different and how different cultures have different values.


Religious Education

In RE we will be learning about stories and the importance of these to Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. We will also explore the importance of living in a multi-cultural society.



In IT we are so excited with Mr Broom, who is going to work with us to debug programs and teach us what algorithms are! WOW!


Visits and visitors

Visit to Chiquitos – We will be tasting and making our own delicious Mexican dishes!

ASSET Education