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Y3 Autumn term

Topic: Rainforests



We are so excited for our brand new topic ‘Rainforests’! For this topic we will be becoming a charity linked with ‘Kids Save the Rainforest’. This will mean that we have lots of special missions to do! To start with, the children will need to write job applications for the role they would like within our company. They will be learning how to be really persuasive to get the job that they want! An important part of our English learning will be to become absolute experts on rainforests of the world so we will be doing lots of reading and using our learning to write information pages. Leading on from this, the children will be mastering a range of writing genres including letter writing, exciting stories and poetry.



In Maths we will be busy, busy, busy! Budgeting is an important aspect for any business so the children will be learning lots about money and managing money. To ensure that we can help the animals in the rainforest, the children will collect, represent and interpret data in bar charts. We will also be doing lots of learning in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to work out lots of problems. Additionally we will be shape and symmetry explorers! An exciting new challenge for us this term will be our fraction and decimal learning.



We have made a wonderful start to our science this term! Our first investigation and exploration is in the form of our ‘How does your garden grow?’ unit. We will be carrying out experiments on leaves and seeing what else the children would like to investigate. After half term we will be looking at ‘Our changing world’.



Our ‘Rainforest’ topic will mostly involve us delving into geography learning this term! However we will be thinking about how rainforests have changed over time and looking at the history of rainforests including animals that are now extinct. Our historian skills will be developed through our work as a charity as the children will delve into life in the past for different groups of people.



This topic will be packed with great geographical opportunities! The children will be using maps to find out where rainforests are and looking at the equator. Additionally, they will be looking at different climates and environments. We will also be finding out about people of the rainforest and exploring global issues such as deforestation and endangered animals.


Art and Design

During our Art lessons, we will be exploring printing which will be great fun! After really looking at a range of natural objects and searching for patterns and interesting details, the children will be printing with their favourite natural objects and using animal markings to inspire their own mono prints!



This term, students will be introduced to new Spanish vocabulary. We will be expanding our knowledge on Spanish grammar as well as how to use the vocabulary we learn to create sentences and hold short conversations in Spanish.



We have already had lots of fun in music in Year 3 which will continue throughout the autumn term. The children will be learning times tables through some new songs and with Christmas approaching be learning lots of festive songs too. They will be exploring a range of instruments and learning more musical vocabulary.


Physical Education

We have started this term with some fantastic physical education lessons. During our outdoor lessons we practising our ball skills which will lead to some ball games. During our indoor lessons we are learning gymnastics. At the moment we are thinking about balancing on different parts of our bodies and very soon we will creating sequences and using some equipment.



In our PSHE and philosophy, we will be considering a range of concepts and ideas. We have started by exploring a range of questions and considering how the same question can have a range of responses. Using some wonderful books as a starting point, they are learning that the same situation can be viewed in different ways by different people. The children will try to think about how they can understand and see things from another perspective.


Religious Education

RE will be packed with some great discussions and exploration this term. We will be learning about different religions whilst learning from them too. In the lead up to Christmas, the children will learn about Christian stories and traditions. They will consider what is important to them and what traditions they have. As the term progresses they will learn about Other religions too.



The children will soon set up school emails accounts that they can only use in school. They will be learning how to send emails to each other safely and appropriately and will work on collaborative projects with each other via email!


Visits and visitors

  • Foxborrow Farm rainforest day
  • Bury St Edmunds cathedral
  • Railway children performance
  • Business meetings with people linked to rainforests


Learning outside the classroom

  • Oudoor project - improving our outdoor area
  • Time in the school forest


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

  • Research into deforestation and global issues

  • Finding out about the 'Kids save the rainforest' charity and seeing what we can do to help

  • Speaking and listening opportunities throughout the term including presentations

  • And lots more!

ASSET Education