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Y3 Spring term

Topic: Great Civilisations



We cannot wait to get started on our English work after Christmas! We will be exploring a range of exciting texts including mystery stories, explanations and myths and legends. When we look at the Greeks, we will enjoy Perseus and Medusa and use our learning to write our very own myth. In mystery stories we will be uncovering some strange objects…



In mathematics we will be adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers using borrowing and carrying, using column method. We will be developing the children’s understanding of number in order to solve mathematical problems. In shape and measures, we will be exploring nets to create 3d shapes and introducing the children to the 24 hour clock.



In science, we will be learning about rocks. We will be looking at testing the rocks in relation to their properties (such as hardness and permeability). We will also be investigating what soil made of and the relationship of soils to rocks. We will be linking our learning of rocks and soil with our topic.



Wow! What a History packed term we have ahead! This topic is filled to the brim with history, history, history! Amongst the areas that we will cover are Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age and then early Greek civilisations. To start our topic, the children will ask lots of questions to find out which direction our learning journey should take! Throughout the topic we will be making links, looking for differences between the civilisations and developing our historical vocabulary. There will be lots of wonderful opportunities for us to write using our new found civilisation knowledge and understanding.



This topic is more of a history based theme however it lends itself to looking at the locations of the different civilisations and the different environments.


Art and Design

There are lots of areas that we are keen to explore through our art and design this term. When we learn about the Greeks, we will be making 3D art work using clay and a range of resources. Using different sources, we will create observational drawings using different mark making techniques. There will be lots of opportunities for the children to take their artistic learning in their own direction too with time to explore a range of tools and techniques!



In Spanish we will be extending our vocabulary by learning language used to talk about our family and friends. After that we will be moving on to learning how to give directions in Spanish.



In music we will look at music from civilisations- India, and look at some program music. We will explore music from ancient worlds.


Physical Education

In PE we will be exploring gymnastic movements, both on and off apparatus. We will be developing our skills in travelling, orientations and balances. Once we have mastered those skills we will be putting together a sequence.



Throughout our PSHE and philosophy, we are always developing our speaking and listening skills so we will continue this work next term. A focus on sharing ideas and valuing the different beliefs and opinions of others will remain. In lessons we will explain our views on issues that affect us and society and work on ways to face new challenges positively by collecting information, looking for help, making responsible decisions and taking action.


Religious Education

In RE we will start our learning about Hinduism. We are eager to learn about and learn from the Hindu religion. In particular, our learning will cover Avatar and Ahimsa. We will consider ways to peacefully solve conflicts and how Hindus try to abide by this in their daily life.



We have learnt so much in our computing work so far! Next term we will be continuing our learning with creating a digital collage using photos and a program called GIMP. We have also begin to explore this computing program but this term will be develop our skills with using this program.


Visits and visitors

  • To develop our knowledge for science and topic we are planning to visit a flint mine.


Learning outside the classroom

  • We will be exploring our rocks and soils science topic using the school grounds outside.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

  • We will continue to learn how to support each other in making the right choices in our attitude to learning and behaviour.

ASSET Education