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Y3 Summer term

Topic: Shipwrecked



We are so excited for our brand new topic ‘Shipwrecked’! For this topic we will be becoming a business and have lots of special missions to do! To start with the children will need to write job applications for the role they would like within our company. We will be finding out what is like to be shipwrecked and then the children will write diary entries to their loved ones! Leading on from this, the children will be mastering a range of writing genres including play scripts, exciting mystery stories and information pages.



In Maths we will be busy, busy, busy! Budgeting is an important aspect for any business so the children will be learning lots about money and managing money. To make sure everyone gets the right job within our business, the children will collect, represent and interpret data in bar charts. We will also be doing lots of learning in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to work out lots of problems. Additionally we will become map experts with the children exploring coordinates, lines and measures!




What a wonderful time we will have in our science learning! How would your body survive if you were shipwrecked? What do we need to stay healthy? How does a surviver stay healthy? The children will explore all of these exciting questions and go on to look at the human skeleton too!



Within our topic, we will be finding out about the famous Titanic shipwreck. Our historian skills will be developed here as the children will delve into life in the past for different groups of people.



This topic will be packed with great geography opportunities! The children will be using maps to plot the Titanic’s journey. Additionally, they will be comparing locations and looking at different climates and environments.


Art and Design

During our Art lessons, we will be exploring printing which will be great fun! After really looking at a range of natural objects and searching for patterns and interesting details, the children will be printing with their favourite natural objects and using animal markings to inspire their own mono prints!



This term, students will be introduced to new Spanish vocabulary. Some of the topics which will be covered are Health, Invitations and Garden. We will be expanding our knowledge on Spanish grammar as well as how to use the vocabulary we learn to create sentences and hold short conversations in Spanish.




Students will be learning some sea shanty songs. They will also write a play about ships on a maritime theme and will add sound effects to go with it.


Physical Education

We will be doing lots of great PE learning throughout the summer term including lots of athletics! The children will be developing their co-ordination and a mixture of strength and speed challenges including javelin and sprinting.



In our PSHE and philosophy, we will be considering a range of concepts and ideas through some wonderful books. The children will be encouraged to explore what it means to be confident and the importance of having a go and believing in yourself. They will also discuss friendship and how important it is to accept that people are different and that being friends with someone who is different from us can be a wonderful thing.


Religious Education

We will be learning about and from different religions in our RE lessons in the summer term. To start with, the children will be finding out about worship, pilgrimage and sacred places from a Christian perspective and in turn thinking deeply about whether they have special places in their lives. Following this, the children will learn about Judaism and consider beliefs in action.



The children have just set up school emails accounts that they can only use in school. They will be learning how to send emails to each other safely and appropriately and will work on collaborative projects with each other via email!



Visits and visitors

  • A beach trip!
  • A knot expert ready for raft making


Learning outside the classroom

  • Measuring rainfall
  • Map work
  • Outdoor role play of being shipwrecked
  • And lots more!


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

  • Exploring friendships with people who are different from us or have disabilities
  • Speaking and listening opportunities throughout the term including presentations
  • And lots more!

ASSET Education