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Y4 Autumn term

Topic: Ancient Egyptians



In English this term we will be covering a range of different text types including fairy tales where we will read and write our own versions of the Egyptian Cinderella, poetry using photographs of Egypt as our stimulus, non-chronological reports where we can showcase all of the facts we are learning about Ancient Egypt, recounts in the style of diary entries and persuasive adverts.



In shape and symmetry we will be exploring nets of pyramids. In number we will be gaining confidence when using four digit numbers and reinforcing our understanding of written and mental calculations (practising our times tables in order to have rapid recall).



In this unit, the children will learn about states of matter and processes including melting, freezing, evaporating and condensing. Later in the term, we will move on to looking at the digestive system and in particular how we can maintain healthy teeth.



We will be finding out all we can about the life of Ancient Egyptians which will include mummification, pyramids, papyrus paper, Egyptian Gods and not forgetting the all-important River Nile.



We will be using atlases to locate Egypt and learn some new terms such as longitude and latitude as well as hemispheres.


Art and Design

We will be looking at techniques such as collage, blending, sketching and improving their observational skills.


Design Technology

During this term, we will use our new knowledge of nets of 3D shapes to help construct our own pyramids.



The children are learning greetings this term. They will be able to greet somebody by telling them their name, age and where they live. They will also be able to find out how someone is feeling as well as expressing how they feel.



Children in Year 4 will be trying to improve their singing especially accuracy, control and expression.  They will be playing a variety of instruments in ensembles and learning basic music notation and will learn to listen with attention to detail.


Physical Education

During this term we will be developing our gymnastics skills whilst also practising our tactical skills through invasion games.



In Philosophy, the children will be developing the ability to justify their reasoning during discussions about being neighbourly. We will be using the text Amelia Ellicott’s Garden. In PSHE, we will be looking at a scheme of work called New Beginnings and introducing an exciting new programme called Be the best you can be.


Religious Education

In RE we will start our learning about Christianity. We will be looking at key aspects including baptism, the Lord’s Prayer and also key figures who demonstrate Christian beliefs.



We will be building on your children’s computing skills by using the Scratch programme and becoming toy designers.


Visits and visitors

We will be visited by History off the Page to introduce our Egyptian topic. Also, we will be visited by Wendy Smith a Paralympian.

Key Stage 2 are visiting St Edmundsbury cathedral for a music themed event. Finally, we are planning a visit to Birchwood Primary School for a year 4 activity afternoon.


Learning outside the classroom

For science some of our investigations will lead us outdoors.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

We will continue to develop and use our Building Learning Powers to support our learning and make productive choices.

ASSET Education