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Y4 Spring term

Topic: Earth and Space



Narrative-Texts involving space travel and adventures in unknown territories.

Non-Fiction-Newspaper report-UFO sighting, interview with aliens, recounts of astronauts, discoveries. Poetry-space, aliens, planets.



In shape and symmetry we will be exploring perimeters and quadrilaterals as well as nets of 3d shapes. As part of our fractions and decimals unit, we will continue to learn about equivalent fractions, fractions of quantities and improper fractions. For measures we will focus on the units we measure in and converting measures. In number we will consolidate our understanding of written and mental calculations (practising our times tables in order to have rapid recall).



In this unit, the children will learn about the shapes and relative sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Using models, they will learn how these three move relative to each other and how these relate to night and day.



We will be finding out about space exploration, the space race and key countries and famous people related to inventions.



We will be learning about time differences around the world and how this affects night and day as well as daylight saving hours in the United Kingdom.


Art and Design

We will be looking at shades and colours for day and night. As well as developing photography skills and using digital images when creating collages.


Design Technology

Design and make a moving alien using pneumatic techniques.



We will be learning words related to our houses and homes. After that we will learn how to speak about transport. We will be learning spellings for Spanish words as we learn them.



Year 4 are going to start to learn the recorder. We will also be composing music for a science fiction scene, travelling through space.


Physical Education

During the first half term we will be developing our gymnastics skills, followed by striking and fielding activities in games.



In Philosophy the children will be developing the ability to justify their reasoning during discussions. In PSHE we will be looking at building good relationships and targets for ourselves.


Religious Education

In RE we will start our learning about Hinduism. We will compare key aspects with Christianity before we look at the Christian celebration of Easter.



We will be continuing to use Scratch as a programme for controlling devices. We will make a game using a space theme.


Visits and visitors

Birchwood and Grange will be visiting us for an afternoon of activities.


Learning outside the classroom

We will be looking at the movements of the Sun as well as how shadows are made. We will be setting homework related to observing the night sky.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

We will continue to develop and use our Building Learning Powers to support our learning and make productive choices.

ASSET Education