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Y4 Summer term

Topic: Secret Agents



Narrative-Mystery and adventure stories based around spy characters.

Non-Fiction-Newspaper reports and witness statements as well as recounts written in role, Explanations based around our science work.

Poetry-Descriptions of gadgets and technology.



In shape and symmetry we will be exploring reflective symmetry and consolidating our knowledge of angles. As part of our fractions and decimals unit, we will continue to learn about equivalent fractions, fractions of quantities and improper fractions. For measures we will focus on converting measures as well as working out time differences. In number we will use our written methods to solve one and two step word problems. We will also use number and calculations to write our own codes and decode others.



During our science sessions, we will be learning about electricity. The children will create circuits and explain why some circuits work and others do not. They will be finding out about conductors of electrical currents.




We will be finding out how codes and coding systems have been used in the past and how they were a significant turning point in events such as the war.



Using a focus of agents and missions, the children will set up and use plans to direct each other using the eight compass points.


Art and Design

Using our spy theme, we will be learning about print making techniques. We will then apply these skills to create our own codes which we will then print.


Design Technology

As part of design and technology, the children will use their knowledge of circuits and switches to create a gadget for a spy.



The children will be learning the Spanish words for musical instruments, shopping and clothes. They will be learning to say and also to write some of these words.



Students will be studying different methods for notating music. They will continue with some recorder and will be doing some composition work.


Physical Education

Over the summer term, the children will continue to develop the skills they have been using during our net and ball unit. We will also look at some athletic skills.



Using the text ‘The giving tree’, we will be discussing our emotions and the nature of giving and gifts. Our PSHE sessions will be using our theme of stiving for excellence to teach the children about pride and respect.


Religious Education

Our focus this term will be Religion, family and community.

We will start by looking at Christianity and what it means to Christians to belong to the body of Christ. Also we will be looking at the act and purpose of baptism.  

Next we will learn about Sikhism.Within this unit we will learn about the festival of Baisakhi and the shared Sikh belief that all humans are equal. We will look at Sikh food and the importance of some meals and finally we will be learning about the importance of making a commitment to your faith.



In computing, we will be composing a short piece of music to accompany a video clip which builds tension. Think 007 theme tune and the Pink Panther!


Visits and visitors

We hope to be visiting Grange primary school and are in the process of arranging a visit for our final topic on ‘Individual studies’.


Learning outside the classroom

Spy missions using the compass points.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

We will continue to develop and use our Building Learning Powers to support our learning and make productive choices.

ASSET Education