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Y5 Autumn term

Topic: Britain Under Attack



In English we will be looking at a range of text types, including myths and legends related to the Vikings. We will have a major focus on language choices, developing our vocabulary in order to make our writing as interesting as possible. The children will be studying a Shakespearean play, ‘Macbeth’, and a classic poem ‘The Highwayman’, as part of our literary heritage. We will continue to develop our understanding of grammar. We will continue to promote a love of reading by sharing a class book and develop the ability to infer and deduce information from the text. Through regular trips to our library we will read and share a wide range of books, making comparisons between them.



In mathematics we will be revisiting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, beginning to choose the most effective strategy from those we have learnt, ensuring that the children have a sound grasp of the concept behind each operation. We will extend our learning about 2D and 3D shapes, focusing on the transformation of shapes and coordinates. The children will continue to develop their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. Throughout all areas of maths, we will be developing the ability to problem solve, taking a logical and methodical approach.



We will be learning about forces, including carrying out investigations into gravity, air and wind resistance and floating and sinking. After half term the children will learn about sound, including how sound travels and what can effect sounds.



In history we are learning about multiple aspects of life, including weapons, food, homes and transport, of the Vikings. We will also found out about their beliefs and stories associated with Viking gods. We will understand why the Vikings attacked Britain.



We will be learning to identify the location of Scandinavian countries on a variety of maps and the position of these countries in relation to Britain. We will be making links to settlements and trade routes.


Art & Design

We will be practising our drawing skills in our topic work and printing some runes.


Design Technology

We will be designing and making a longship.



We will be recapping on greetings in Spanish before moving on to numbers, days of the week and months and food. We will learn to give our opinions.



The children will begin learning either their brass instrument or violin or clarinet alongside developing their understanding of musical notation. The children will participate in group singing activities each week.


Physical Education

We will be participating in a range of throwing and receiving activities, developing our ball handling skills. After half term the children will develop their understanding of invasion games. Indoor PE will consist of gymnastics, focusing on balances and creating a sequence, and dance.



We will be learning about the Be The Best You Can Be values and how they apply to them as children and as learners. They will also explore a range of philosophical questions raised from stories read together as a class. .We will discuss future aspirations and how these goals can be achieved.


Religious Education

We will be learning about the beliefs of Christianity and becoming more familiar with the Bible.



We will be learning how to use HTML and CSS in order to create a functioning web page.


Visits and visitors

  • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Macbeth performance at The New Wolsey Studio

  • Performance of ‘The Railway Children’ in school

  • Wendy Smith (Paralympian) – Be The Best You Can Be launch

  • St. Edmundsbury Cathedral music Big Event


Learning outside the classroom

Maths and science will lead us outside this term.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

We will continue to learn how to support each other in making the right choices in our attitude to learning and behaviour and developing our tolerance of others.

ASSET Education