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Y5 Summer term

Topic: Groovy Greeks



In English we will be looking at myths and legends and stories from other cultures and times, linked to our Ancient Greek project. We will also be developing our persuasive writing skills. We will continue to develop our understanding of grammar. We will continue to promote a love of reading by sharing a class book and develop the ability to infer and deduce information from the text. Through regular trips to our library we will read and share a wide range of books, making comparisons between them.



In mathematics we will be revisiting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, beginning to choose the most effective strategy from those we have learnt. We will extend our learning about 2D and 3D shapes, focusing on angles and properties of irregular shapes. In measures we will practise reading scales and further work on time, including 24 hour digital time. Throughout all areas of maths, we will be developing the ability to problem solve, taking a logical and methodical approach.



We will be learning about life cycles and the processes of reproduction in animals, including humans, and plants.




In history we are learning about multiple aspects of life, including clothes, food and religion, in Ancient Greece. We will also be learning about how their achievements remain influential in today’s society.



We will be learning to identify the location of Greece on a variety of maps and the position of major cities in both modern and Ancient Greece; and making links to settlements and trade routes.


Art & Design

We will be creating art in the style of Ancient Greek pottery and making mosaics.


Design Technology

We will be tasting and evaluating a variety of sandwiches; using our findings to design our own healthy sandwich.



We will be learning vocabulary associated with families, restaurants and different countries. We will also be looking at some Spanish story books.



The children will continue to learn either their brass instrument or violin alongside developing their understanding of musical notation.


Physical Education

We will be participating in a range of athletic activities and continuing with the cricket coaching.




We will be learning about the processes of puberty and human reproduction. We will be continuing to discuss future aspirations and how these goals can be achieved.


Religious Education

We will be learning about the beliefs and festivals within Hinduism. We will listen to and discuss some of the stories from the faith.



We will spend the first half term finding out about search engines and how to use them efficiently. The second half term will be spent using photo editing software.


Visits and visitors

  • UEA Norwich -14th April

  • Bikeability Week – 8th -12th June

  • James Campbell (author visit) – 1st May (5F), 5th May (5A)


Learning outside the classroom

As part of our computing we will be taking photos around our school environment.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

We will continue to learn how to support each other in making the right choices in our attitude to learning and behaviour.

ASSET Education