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Y6 Summer term

Topic: Blood and gold



Pupils will continue to focus on a range of fiction and non-fiction text types, as well as revising grammar, punctuation and spelling strategies. Pupils will also further their reading skills in preparation for the SATs tests. They will have numerous opportunities to write at length and practise their newly learnt skills.



Pupils will continue to develop a range of strategies in preparation for the upcoming SATs exams. Following the Sats ppupils will begin to study some of the year 7 content to prepare them for the transition to high-school.



Pupils will learn about How We See Things, Reversible and Irreversible Changes, including dissolving. Pupils will build on their investigative skills to plan and carry out fair tests. They will review and evaluate their methods, drawing conclusions from their results.



This term is focused on a non–European society (Mayans), which has a contrasting history to that of Great Britain. Pupils will identify the chronology of the Mayan period, using a range of sources to further their knowledge and understanding of the people and their beliefs.



Within the topic of Mayans, pupils will use a variety of mapping equipment to identify the origins of the Mayan people. They will begin to understand about the physical and human characteristics of the land used by the Mayans.


Art and Design

Pupils will be using a variety of art and design techniques, including painting, sketching and sculpture.


Design Technology

Pupils will be learning about textiles, focusing on the skills and knowledge of materials. This will include understanding how to change and adapt materials in different ways.



This term, students will be introduced to new Spanish vocabulary. Some of the topics which will be covered are Sports and Hobbies, Daily routines and Pets and Animals. We will then be carrying out assessments which will discern students ability in Spanish to provide to their future high schools.



Students will be continuing to work on guitars and keyboards. They will also be working towards their end of year production.


Physical Education

Over the next term, pupils will develop their ability within athletics. They will be working on a variety of athletics events including endurance running, sprinting, throwing and jumping.



This term, our focus will be centred upon the transition to high school. Pupils will have opportunities to discuss and address any concerns or issues. They will also work closely with their feeder high school to develop a more secure understanding of life in secondary school.


Religious Education

This term we will focus on a comparative study of religions pupils have studies in previous terms.



Linking to our topic work, pupils will gain the skills and knowledge to create simple interactive games that demonstrate their learning.


Visits and visitors

  • Mexicolore
  • Post-SATs trip


Learning outside the classroom

  • Post-SATs trip


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural

  • High school transition activities

ASSET Education