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Year 3 Topic - Weather

Weather topic

On Thursday 23

The children were given the challenge to find a suitable outfit for three different climates.

Firstly, a hot climate, where our two willing volunteers and their helpers chose suitable clothing for the weather which included; sunhat,

sunglasses, swimming costume and a beach towel. It took a lot of persuading for one child to wear Mr Collins’ Hawaiian vest!

Secondly, the children had to find appropriate outfits for a cold climate where they chose a ski jacket, goggles and salopettes to ensure they were kept warm!

Finally, the last four volunteers dressed for a wet climate and many children recalled summer holidays in Cornwall where it rained all week!

We’ve all been there! The children chose waterproof jackets and Wellington boots to keep them dry.

We all had a lot of fun and are excited to learn more about the weather and how this effects where we go on holiday!

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