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Year Four

Welcome to Year 4!


Our class teachers are:

Mrs Ferrell

Miss Clarke

Mrs Adams


Year 4 will be starting off the term with a day of British traditions where we will go crabbing, have a picnic and experience some Morris dancing! Our topic will be geography based and will allow us to find out about Suffolk, other areas of the UK and also an area of France. 


In maths this term, our skills focus will be number bonds to 20 (including bonds for each number up to and including 20 e.g. 8+6=14, 11+5=16 AND related subtraction facts e.g 14-6=8, 16-5=11); recalling 6x table up to 6 x 12, including related division facts; 7x table, including related division facts; 9 x table, including related division facts; 11 x table, including related division facts; 12 x table, including related division facts; consolidation of all x table facts up to 12 x 12 including related division facts. This will form the basis of maths homework. We will continue to consolidate our understanding of the four operations of number within maths lessons. We will also be focusing on decimals; measurement of money and time; statistics; geometry – properties of shape and position and movement.


In English we will be covering various text types and developing our skills as writers. The children will become authors and will finish the term by writing and illustrating a story book for a younger child. Reading continues to play an important role in our learning and we hope to broaden the children's experience of authors and genres.

Our science for the first half term is electricity and after half term we will be learning about states of matter.

We will have a DT day where the children will be harnessing their electricity knowledge and skills and an Art day, in which the children will develop their drawing skills.


*Year 4 will have PE every Wednesday and Friday (please make sure kit is named).
*Year 4 will bring homework home on a Friday that will be due back by Wednesday.

*Spelling tests will take place on Wednesdays.
*In Year 4 children are expected to read every day. Children will move round the reading reward chart.


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