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In Year 6 this term, the children will be learning about crime and punishment, with the key question 'Does the punishment fit the crime? They will learn about the medieval crime justice system, as well as learning about some of the surprising crimes and punishments in the medieval times. They will compare this to the modern justice system and will visit Ipswich Crown Court with an opportunity to take part in a mock trial led by a working judge. We will have an art day where children will learn to draw portraits, learning how courtroom artists capture the trial. To conclude their learning at the end of their topic, the children will take part in a murder mystery event and then trial the suspect taking on the roles of the modern court. 


In maths this term, we will be focusing on developing the children’s reasoning skills across the maths curriculum as well as consolidating their arithmetic skills. Please help your child practise their number skills focus each week and support them with their homework. In English we will be covering various text types and developing our skills as writers. The children will be debating the statement ‘Graffiti is a crime’ before writing a balanced argument, writing a newspaper report about a serious crime and writing diary entries from the magical world of Pandora. With reading, the children will be exposed to many more authors and texts and and we hope to improve the children’s ability to develop their answers to questions. In science this term, we will be learning about electricity whilst developing their working scientifically skills such as setting up a fair test, using scientific language and making careful observations. During British Science Week, the children will also be visiting BT at Adastral Park. In RE, the children will be learning about Hinduism and Buddhism and in PSHE they will be learning about relationships. Their PE learning will be gymnastics. In computing, the children will be learning to create code using Python - look out for an opportunity to come in and learn from your children! At the end of term, our DT day will celebrate seasonality and culture with some Easter baking. We hope you will be able to join us to decorate and evaluate our products.


*Year 6 will have PE every Monday and Tuesday (please make sure kit is in school and named).

*Year 6 will bring homework home on a Friday that will be due back by Wednesday.

*Year 6 will bring spellings and a number skill focus home on a Monday and these will be tested on a Friday. 

*In Year 6 children are expected to read at least 4 times a week (including sometimes to an adult) and complete an AR quiz every week by Friday.


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