The Oaks Art Vision

At The Oaks we strive for all our children to master art and design to such an extent that they are prepared and inspired to go into future careers within this area. Our art curriculum is ambitious and broad,  building on the requirements of the National Curriculum in an engaging, memorable and coherent way which fires children’s imagination and develops their personal expression.  The art curriculum is designed to develop children’s knowledge and skills through the following threads: drawing, painting and mixed media, sculpture and 3D and craft and design. Within these threads, children will be exposed to making, generating ideas, formal elements, knowledge of artists and evaluation. These are all taught in a progressive way throughout the school which inspires, motivates and challenges the children. 

Language of Learning  

We strive for our children to become:

Cultural capital 

We aspire for all of our children  to live and thrive as good people in a culturally and ethnically diverse modern Britain. We support this through our art curriculum by teaching children about a diverse range of artists from around the world and equipping them with essential art knowledge and skills. 

High expectations for all

We strive for children to acquire an interconnected body of knowledge as well as to become excellent learners. We relentlessly strive to develop teaching and learning to ensure that our curriculum reflects and is adapted based on the needs of the children. We strongly believe that all can succeed and no limits are put on learning.

At the Oaks we use the Kapow’s art scheme of work but adapt and personalise where needed to provide a broad and balanced art and design curriculum

For further information please email FAO Mrs Phillips