Religious Education

The Oaks Religious Education vision

At The Oaks, we strive for children to develop as reflective, kind learners who build positive relationships with themselves and others. The religious education curriculum is designed to educate pupils on a range of faiths including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Humanism. Our children learn more about each religion but also they’re able to make links using the threads of belonging, believing, prayer and worship, celebrations, stories and books, symbols and artifacts and leaders and teachers. We strive for all our pupils to be excellent learners, capable of understanding other religious practices by reflecting on their own experiences and enhancing their knowledge of the local cultural diversity. Within our well-balanced and diverse curriculum we encourage children to be accepting of the beliefs of others and how it shapes modern society.

Our languages of learning 

We strive for our children to become:

Cultural capital and faith at The Oaks

Within our religious education curriculum we aim to prepare our pupils for their future. We want them to thrive in a cultural, ethnic and diverse community by equipping them with knowledge and awareness of the faiths and cultures they are surrounded by. We strive to prepare them for their own independent paths in life. 

Reading about religion

We strive to immerse our pupils in reading at The Oaks and therefore provide high quality stories and books based on a range of faiths and celebrations. This includes Eid, Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Tu B’Shevat and many more. High quality texts are there to support and encourage our students to become fluent, confident readers. 

Oracy and Religious Education 

As a Voice 21 school we embrace learning through talk at The Oaks. We encourage our students to share their ideas through deliberately planned oracy activities and assemblies. Religion has a broad vocabulary and we believe in creating opportunities for our pupils to use these words when articulating their learning. All these opportunities empower our students to have a better understanding of themselves.  


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