Religious Education

At The Oaks RE is taught so that children have an understanding and acceptance of a range of faiths across the community.

Within the lessons children are encouraged to reflect on beliefs of others and learn through responding.

We want children to learn both about religion and beliefs and from religion and beliefs.

This scheme of work has been adapted and personalised from the ‘Emmanuel project’ for The Oaks primary school Ipswich.

Each unit of work has been taken from the Emmanuel project. These can be found on the online server. Each unit has an overall question that should become the focus of the unit. At the end of the unit children should be able to answer this one question using knowledge learnt. The key knowledge has been simplified from the unit in the form of questions. You can use these to guide your lessons.

Page 5 offers a guide for possible trips or educational guests to develop the children's knowledge. They have been split evenly throughout the year groups to offer coverage of every religion. Please try and follow this guidance alongside your planning.

In the Autumn term 2020 we may not be able to have these but these can run over into the Spring term.