Meet the Staff


Mr P Palmer | Director of School Improvement and Deputy CEO, Asset Education

Mr J Pentreath | Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Staff


Miss R Shelton | EAL/STEM


Mrs M Howgego | Assessment/EYFS & KS1 Phase Leader/Complete Human Co-lead/Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Eaton | Circle Groups

Miss S Hammond | Outdoor learning/DT

Year 1

Miss Trivett - Early Career Teacher

Mrs Abery-Bone - Geography/ECT mentor

Year 2

Mrs E Morgan | Philosophy

Mr Hunter | SEND

Miss S Taylor | PSHE / Reading

Year 3

Miss Bird | Early Career Teacher

Miss C Stark | RE/ECT mentor

Year 4

Miss R Mayes | Oracy

Miss L Clarke | Phase Leader for Years 3&4/Wider Curriculum/Complete Human Co-lead

Mr A Marshall | Director of PE/Extra curricular activities

Year 5

Mrs T Ferrell | PTA link teacher/History

Mrs K Goudy | Computing/Educational visits

Year 6

Mrs L Ellis | Pupil Premium Co-ordinator

Miss E Adams | Phase Leader for Years 5&6/Maths Lead/CPD/Assistant Headteacher

Mr S Morley | Science

Learning Support Assistants

Miss J Aldred

Mrs H Andrews

Mrs L Aremu

Mrs L Bradfield

Miss G Clarke

Miss V Coote

Miss R Cullingford

Mrs G Davies

Miss W Flude

Miss C Gilmore

Mrs C Grimwood

Mrs L Harris

Mrs R Hasnip

Mrs G Haylock - Speech & Language Support

Mrs N Hughes

Mrs R Hurton

Miss N Kindred - Forest School Leader

Miss H Lawlor

Mrs A Loughlin

Mrs T Maitland

Miss L Nesper-King

Mrs K Parish

Mrs M Ransome

Miss N Rose

Mrs A Shaqiri

Miss A Smith

Mrs S Suckling

Miss L Turney

Mrs M Walker

Mrs H Warner

Mrs S Wilson


Mrs H Byles

Teacher of French

Miss K Stearns | MFL

Director of Performing Arts

Mrs K Gilmour

Director of PE and School Sport

Mr A Marshall | School clubs

Mr D Fargher | PE/Sports Assistant

Numbers Count/Maths Intervention teacher

Mrs D Thornton

IT Technician

Mr R Penn

Nursery Nurses

Mrs C Howden

Miss L Cox

Family Liaison Practitioners

Mrs T Lucas | DSL

Mrs A Corbould | DSL & Attendance Lead


Mrs S Goodrich

Office Staff

Mrs N Claxton | Administrator

Mrs M Gentry | Secretary

Mrs N Parker | Headteachers’ PA

Mrs N Warrie | Business Manager

Cleaning Staff

Miss K Loube

Miss K Reece

Mrs N Smith

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Kidd-Stanton

Mrs Rolfe

Mrs Hunt

Midday Supervisors

Miss Aldred

Mrs Emeny

Mrs Haslam

Miss Mitchell

Mrs Pearl

Mrs Pentreath

Mrs Reeve

Mrs Smith