Our vision and approach to English at The Oaks 

Writing at The Oaks

Our aim is for every child to be a writer. We want our children to have the skills and confidence to pick up a pen and share their ideas. 

Our aim at The Oaks is to develop in all children: 

Our objectives in writing at The Oaks are: 

Power of reading 

We are a Power of Reading (PoR) school which means that we put quality children’s literature at the heart of our English curriculum to foster a love of reading and writing. Whether we use a text from the PoR list or not, we use their underlying principles to engage and support the children’s learning. It allows us to use drama techniques to support the children’s understanding and build their confidence.

Reading at The Oaks

Reading is absolutely central to our curriculum. Children at The Oaks spend their first years at school learning to read, enabling them to read to learn. High quality texts are meticulously chosen to support learning and the acquisition of knowledge across the curriculum. We strive to nurture a love for reading and aim for every child to leave our school reading fluently and talking confidently about the books and authors they love.

Reading environments

Throughout the school, we have ‘book nooks’ which are cosy spaces for children to share stories and within classrooms our reading areas are designed to be inviting and engaging. Our books areas are organised so that children can independently choose books which interest and engage them. Book areas are cosy places to get comfortable and have a good read!


We are extremely fortunate to have a beautiful library stocked with books for every type of reader and always being updated with the newest books. Our librarian, Mrs Byles,  has a wealth of knowledge of children’s literature and each year group has their weekly library visit. Our children love going to the library. In Nursery and Reception, parents are invited in with their children to choose their books together. There are always lots of competitions going on and fun library activities. Be sure to check it out! 

Celebrating reading

Every week, we celebrate the children’s reading as the children work their way towards their bronze, silver and gold awards. In KS2, alongside their reading awards, they celebrate their Accelerated Reader quizzing with some friendly competition between classes/phases. Our librarian also runs competitions between classes when they visit the library each week to encourage their reading for pleasure at home. 

Chantry Book Jam

Each year, we take part in the Chantry Book Jam where a week is dedicated to every child getting the opportunity to meet an author or illustrator. Throughout the year, we organise authors to visit the children to inspire the children and always take part in events such as World Book Day. 

Early reading 

In EYFS and KS1, we have daily, discrete phonics lessons. As of September 2022, we have begun using the Little Wandle as our SSP (Systematic Synthetic Phonics) programme. Following their phonics lesson, children then have the opportunity to apply their decoding skills by reading a book matched to their current phonics ability. Their reading lessons will focus on decoding, prosody and comprehension. The children will always have both a decodable phonics book to practise their phonics skills and a library book to share with an adult at home to grow their love of reading. 


In KS2, reading is taught daily for half an hour. These lessons are dedicated to fluency and the children’s understanding of the text. As well as discussing a range of texts as a class, they will also be exposed to ‘cold texts’; these are texts that they read independently and then answer questions on to assess their understanding. We are aiming to develop the children’s fluency and expression when reading but also their stamina. In Year 2 to Year 6, they also read an Accelerated Reader book alongside their library book. They quiz on these books to help assess their understanding, especially of new vocabulary within the text.

Useful links

Reading Eggs (Fast Phonics) https://readingeggs.co.uk/ 

Phonics Play https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources  

Little Wandle https://www.littlewandlelettersandsounds.org.uk/resources/for-parents/ 

For more information please feel free to contact the school office admin@theoaksprimary.co.uk and ask for Miss Carey and Mrs Carr, our English leads.