Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning vision

At the Oaks, we strive for our children to develop a relationship with their natural environment by having hands-on experiences outside the classroom. We strive to create an outdoor area that is stimulating, exciting and is used as a learning environment across the curriculum throughout the year. 

Outdoor space

Our large outdoor space ensures that children have opportunities to work on a larger, more active scale than is possible indoors. Within the school grounds we have a pond area, a small forest, allotments, an orchard and a large field and playground. We strive for these areas to be rich and varied environments that support children’s learning and development.


We strive for children to gain an interconnected body of knowledge through the curriculum that includes opportunities to deepen, interpret and use our core skills within our outdoor environments.

Language of learning

Children’s outdoor learning is challenging and offers opportunities to be independent. We strive for children to demonstrate skills of thinking independently, articulating their thoughts clearly, being reflective, resilient and believing in themselves, using what they have learnt and applying these skills to the outdoor environment. 

Forest school 

Forest school sessions are integrated within our Early Years curriculum. It offers opportunities for holistic growth through regular sessions. We strive for our children to develop their self belief and begin their journey of building a relationship with the outdoor environment. 

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