Design and Technology

The Oaks design and technology vision

At the Oaks, we strive for our children to become confident, independent, reflective and resilient designers and technicians. The D.T curriculum is designed to develop children’s knowledge and skills in cooking, mechanisms, structures, textiles and electrical systems. We strive for all children to develop the skills and knowledge to design, make and evaluate within each unit of work, through well designed and sequenced lessons and high quality modelling.  We relentlessly strive to ensure that children’s knowledge and skills are progressive and interconnected, leading to development of both life skills and skills acquired for future learning. 

Language of Learning  

We strive for our children to become: 

Cultural Capital 

We strive for children to develop key skills and knowledge to support life skills that will prepare them for the next stages of their learning and to become equipped members of society. We strive for children to be inspired and prepared for the possibility of future career paths. 

High expectations 

We strive for our children to have access to high quality resources and equipment needed for each unit of work. We relentlessly strive to develop teaching and learning to ensure that our curriculum reflects and is adapted based on the needs of the children. 

At the Oaks we use Kapow’s scheme of work but have adapted and personalised it where needed.

For further information, please contact FAO Miss Hammond