EYFS Curriculum


We strive for all children to contribute to our excellent school by leaving EYFS…

…believing in themselves, being an independent learner, who is resilient in the face of challenge.

...knowing their voice is important and for them to articulate their thoughts appropriately. 

... being happy, with a kind heart, having developed positive relationships with others.

...being able to read and enjoy books.

...having the motivation and curiosity to learn about the world around them with awe and wonder. 

...ensuring the highest expectations of them as learners, meaning they continue to achieve in KS1, because foundations in learning are strong.

How we achieve it...

At The Oaks, we are passionate about the foundations for learning that EYFS provides and we relentlessly strive for improvement, keeping the highest expectations of the children and ourselves, as learners. We teach all areas of the curriculum in an interconnected way through stories and texts, to ensure children leave EYFS with a good knowledge of stories, a love of reading and developed vocabularies which support their articulacy. Each term we learn about different topics, where we explore concepts and learning in a deep and meaningful way. Through careful planning, we revisit stories and concepts to ensure children are able to master knowledge, commit it to their long term memories and develop understanding outside their immediate early experiences. 

The development of social skills, vocabulary and oracy skills are high priorities for us and the children we support. We approach children with patience and confidence to ensure they have the time and space to become independent learners. We give children regular opportunities to express themselves through their learning so they know their voice is important and that they become articulate learners. We share this voice with their parents as partners in their learning via Tapestry, through performances to parents, each other and other children in the school. As staff, we constantly model and facilitate resilience, as well as help and support of others to ensure these skills are mastered at an age appropriate level by the end of EYFS. We believe carefully planned and interconnected learning opportunities allow children at The Oaks to thrive, learning in situations personalised to their interests and based on their next steps in learning. These are constantly evaluated by staff whose own subject knowledge of the EYFS as well as childhood development is a priority. We relentlessly strive to develop ourselves as learners as well as the children. We expect children to leave EYFS with confidence in all areas of the curriculum; however, where children find it difficult to achieve this, support, scaffolding and careful attention to their individualised next steps are provided and swift action is taken to support the children. 

The EYFS curriculum at The Oaks is meticulously planned to ensure children have opportunities to explore carefully selected learning resources in a learning-rich environment which deepens their knowledge in a range of contexts. We understand our responsibility in providing the foundations of their next learning as part of the National Curriculum and maintain the highest expectations of them to ensure they are well prepared to meet the requirements of their next stage of school, as kind, happy, articulate, independent, well-rounded learners. 

For more specific information about our EYFS curriculum, you can find this as part of the long term plans under each curriculum subject area.

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